The Season is Over

As of last night, the season is over.

We can attempt to get back into a normal routine and have dinner at a decent hour. No more double checking to see if uniforms are washed, socks are dry, and hats are kept up with because baseball/softball season is over.
One more uniform wash and I'm done. Excitement & relief overcome me when I think about a normal afternoon of rest, but a sense of sadness immediately follows. 
I know one day it'll be the last time I wash that uniform, the last time I attempt to get that dang belt out of those loops, and the last time I'll frantically search for a specific hat. 
I almost feel guilty that it's over. There are only so many spring seasons until he/she either looses their love for the sport or is too old to play. I feel guilty for all those times I hoped for rain because I just wanted a night home.
I dread the day that I don't see that little yellow helmet out on that field. 
So for now, I'll quit crying like a baby and enj…

IN SEARCH OF : Friends, real ones

Almost 30 year old parents looking for other parents willing to let their/our kids destroy their house while we attempt to watch a ball game and stuff our faces. No worries, we'll let your kids destroy our house too.

Dad enjoys playing with electricity, building stuff, and shooting guns.

Mom enjoys singing Brittney Spears songs to the top of her lungs, wrangling children, and threatening their lives before we go in public.

2 children under 5


Why is it almost unheard of for people to have face to face friends? Has social media taken away the place of having real relationships?

We literally only see the people we work with and attend church with. It has been that way for a long time.

People don't have friends or acquaintances anymore. My oldest child is 5 and I honestly can't remember the last time we've done something with "friends." We may run into the occasional old friend at the …

You're enough, mama

Mama, you're tired.

You're tired of trying to do it all and you feel as if you're failing. You can't keep up with anything, because you're trying to keep up with everything.

You're tired, you're rushed, you're spread too thin, and you're down right exhausted.

You're struggling with keeping it all together. Getting the kids where they should be, getting folders signed, getting everything sent back to school that needs to go back, getting kids to and from practice, keeping up with where every item is your house, all while you work and you feel as if you can't.

You feel as if you can't catch up.


You're more than enough.

You feel as if no one sees it, but they do. They see you doing it all. They may not give you any praise or thank yous, but they'd fail without you.

Succeed or fail, they see you as a mama. A mama who is jumping through leaps and bounds to keep everything going for her family.

Don't give …

Summer for the last of a dying breed

It's hot, 97 degrees outside with a heat index of 107 and the humidity is so high, you can almost cut it with a knife. I'm blessed, I'm not one of those people working outdoors in these outrageous conditions, but my husband is. The breadwinner for our family, the big teddy bear to which my kids like to jump and climb on, the guy who does it all for us. He's out there day in and day out in conditions most wouldn't make it an hour in and he never complains. No, not even once. The only time he ever mentions the heat is when I ask him how his day is, in which he always replies, "hot."

Some folks are made for it and I know some aren't, I understand that. But, I have tremendous respect for the man who goes to work at 5:30 every morning so he and his crew can beat the heat.

Today is Friday, and when he got home, he immediately took a nap. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was exhausted. The heat had about gotten to him today. So, I don't say a word…

Police Officer Lip Sync Challenge

Dear police officers of the lip sync challenge, Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop recording yourselves lip synching along to your favorite tunes in your patrol car. Please don’t stop spreading positivity on social media. Please don’t stop putting smiles of laughter on millions of people’s faces each day when they log onto their social media accounts, which would have been 90% negativity on their timelines otherwise. Please don’t stop setting a good example for the world. Over the past few weeks, each day when we wake up, my children and I watch a few lip sync challenge videos. They always pick a few they love to tag their Nana in. Some are sweet, some funny, some sentimental, and some will even bring a tear to your eye, but not a one of them are negative. No sad faces, no tears, no negative media attention. Each and every officer in every single video always seems to be having a good time. Even the ones paying tribute to a fallen coworker, gleam with honor and pride. And those of y…

To the teacher moms headed back to work in the next few weeks...

To the teacher moms heading back to work in the next few weeks... You are a teacher. It’s your heart and passion. You can jazz up a classroom and bulletin board like it’s nobody’s business. When you step inside a school, you have a permanent smile on your face & are a hug giving machine. For 200 days (at least) out of the year, you’re working. Constantly thinking of ways to better yourself, your classroom, and your students. But it’s your second most important job. It easily gets knocked down the rank when you get to enjoy the best title of all, being a Mom. It’s nearing the end of summer and each time you enter a store and see a back to school sign, you are immediately over come with emotions. You’re happy to welcome 20 or so new students. Students you will refer to as your “kids” for the rest of your life. Thoughts of new faces, new names, new struggles, and new accomplishments flood your mind.
Then you see your own children impatiently waiting in the buggy. Those sweet children…

No riding toys in the kitchen.

No riding toys in the kitchen. A rule we’ve had at our house since Landon was 1.5 and rode his little red motorcycle around everywhere inside the house. It randomly ended up left in the kitchen every time we were cooking. After a few falls, the rule came forth and has stuck since. This morning, my husband decided he was going to ride our son’s Razor Scooter, which we keep it in the house since we live out in the country and have a gravel driveway. He was zooming around the house with our puppy chasing him. She’d chase him, then he’d spin around chase her. It was all fun and games until my husband broke THE rule. The rule he has reminded our kids of millions of times. I was unloading the dishwasher while the kids were on the couch watching sponge bob. As my husband zoomed into the kitchen, before I could say a word, he broke THE rule. As he sped from the living room into the kitchen, he decided to drift around like he was a professional driver of a Nissan GTR in a drift competition. Y…